Prior Meetings


1/25/2016     Funding of Terrorism and Other Threats to Homeland Security
        Michael Fagan - Former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri
11/19/2015     It's not just tone as the top: How companies can build an ethical culture to prevent fraud
        Eric Feldman, CFE, CIG - SVP and Managing Director, Affiliated Monitors, Inc
7/16/2015     Suspect Interview and Interrogation
        Len Tracy - Chief Investigator for the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
9/24/2015     The Rita Crundwell Fraud Story
        Devon Bruce
4/23/2015     Leadership, Organizational Deviance and Corporate Fraud Risk Factors
        Frank S. Perri, JD, MBA, CPA, CFE
4/9/2015     Fraud Analytic Primer and Fraud Follow-Up Techniques
        Nick Panneri, CFE - Enterprise Holdings, Inc
3/26/2015     ACFE/IIA Joint Multi-Track Event
        Mark Nigrini - Benford's Law - College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University
        St. Louis FBI - White Collar Crime in St. Louis
        Howard Levinson, DC, CFE, AHFI - Clinical Fraud Director - Special Investigations Unit Forensic Consultant, Anthem
3/25/2015     ACFE Student Night at Webster University
        Mark Nigrini - Benford's Law - College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University
2/26/2015     US Fidelis Screening and Panel Discussion
        David Warfield - Thompson Coburn
        Bill Smith - St. Louis BBB
11/12/2014     Techniques of Effective Interviewing of Suspects
        Jim Glynn - Retired St. Louis FBI
9/18/2014     Mystery Fraud Seminar with the St. Louis IIA Chapter
        Tim Hungerford - Managing Partner, President of Hungerford Vinton
6/12/2014     The Impact of Firm Policy on Employee Behavior and Firm Performance
        Lamar Pierce - Associate Professor of Strategy, Olin Business School at Wash U
5/8/2014     Prescription Fraud and Abuse
        Rick Battelle - Director - Fraud, Waste and Abuse Services - Express Scripts
        Brian Hoffman - Sr. Manager, Program Integrity - Express Scripts
3/20/2014     Seminar Topic: Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud
        Seminar Speaker: Rich Lanza
        Lunch Topic: Identity Theft: How, who are the targets and what is the cost
        Lunch Speaker: Larry Benson
1/9/2014     Forensic Case Study - Professional Skepticism and the Certified Fraud Examiner
        Gerald Smith and Joel Pike - University of Northern Iowa
11/11/2013     Psychology of Fraud
        Neal Levin, J.D. - Freeborn and Peters, LLP
9/10/2013     Hackers and Social Media
        Dave Rizi - EHI Holdings, Inc.
7/11/2013     Forensic Case Study: The Russians Want Your Money
        Kristopher Bleich - SpearTip
5/09/2013     Advanced Social Media Investigations
        Joshua McAfee, CFE, CFI
3/21/2013     Fraud Topics (2 Day Seminar)
        John Hall
2/5/2013     The Anatomy of a Fraud Offender
        Frank Perri -
11/8/2012     The Dollars and Sense of Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
        Howard Levinson DC, CFE, AHFI
9/12/2012     CLEAR, a Next Generation Research Tool
        Amanda Dupont, CLEAR
7/12/2012     Status of White Collar Crime
        St. Louis FBI
5/10/2012     Offshore Tax Compliance
        Bill Buller, CFE - Internal Revenue Service
3/15/2012     Workplace Fraud and Linguistic Lie Detection (2 Day Seminar)
        Nejolla Korris - CEO of InterVeritas International
1/17/2012     Contemporary Fraud Threats to Today's Corporate Executive and Fraud Prevention
        Dr. Haluk Gursel - Served as Senior Internal Auditor with the United Nations and World Health Organization
11/12/2011     Creating an Effective Ethics and Compliance Program
        Bruce Dennis - Practice Director for Global Compliance
09/08/2011     Chasing Madoff
05/12/2011     ACH Account Takeover - Russian/Chinese Bank Fraud
        Jarrett Kolthoff - Founder and CEO of Speartip
03/10/2011     Forensic Interviewing & Interrogation Technique
        Len Tracy - Chief Investigator for St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorneys Office
        Joe Delia - Captain with the Maryland Heights Police Department
01/13/2011     Pre-Paid Debit Card Fraud
        Chris McCulloch - Corporate Fraud Manager for Enterprise Bank and Trust
11/11/2010     Protecting the Consumer from Fraud
        Tracy Hardgrove-Baird - Vice President, Operations and Administration at the Better Business Bureau
09/09/2010     The Use of ACL in Fraud Detection/Investigation
        Jan Beckman - Principle/Data Analysis Practice Leader at Brown Smith Wallace
07/08/2010     No Meeting
05/13/2010     Advanced Money Laundering
        Jim Cali - Director of Internal Audit at the Bi-State Development Agency
03/11/2010     Fraud 101 - Creating Awareness
        Larry A. Rosipajla - Forensic Alliance
01/14/2010     Fraud Related to Federal Prosecutions
        Steve Muchnick - Assistant US Attorney










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